30 Year Warranty

30 j g englisch neuSTIA grants 30 years warranty for an Admonter natural floor. But, honestly: who will still have the invoice at hand after 20, 25 years? STIA Holzindustrie therefore offers its customers a very special service. Admonter UK will confirm your warranty and send it to the manufacturer where it will be centrally stored by and can be easily retrieved for up to 30 years if required.

Our warranty declaration:

STIA Holzindustrie GmbH in Admont provides a 30-year quality warranty on material and manufacturing defects for the Admonter Natural Floor purchased by subject to the following conditions:
The warranty applies to all Admonter Natural Floors (except Admonter Outdoor) bought and installed from 1. January 2003. The warranty takes effect from the date of purchase.
The warranty covers hidden defects in the floor based on material or manufacturing defects and which occur within the warranty period. Open defects must be reported prior to installation!
The warranty applies exclusively upon use of the product in normally utilised living and property areas, except for wet and moist rooms.

Our warranty:

Warranty is only granted if the warranty claim is lodged in writing within 30 days after the occurrence of the defect, presenting the original invoice to the specialist dealer.
If the warranty is accepted, STIA Holzindustrie GmbH will provide replacement free of charge, while we reserve the right to carry out detail repair to defective planks. If the product can no longer be supplied, you will receive equivalent replacement from the current range.
The warranty depends on the time value of the goods, the replacement provided is reduced by 3.33% per annum (30 years) compared with the new value of the goods. When making use of the warranty the customer will bear the difference between time value and new value.
The warranty period is not extended through a case of warranty.

Excluded from the warranty:

Damages through incorrect installation. Contrary to the STIA installation instructions which is enclosed with every fifth package or contrary to the rules of the trade: VOB C, DIN 18356 (ÖNORM B 2218)
Damage through incorrect care & maintenance. (contrary to the STIA care instructions enclosed with every fifth pack)
Damage through standing water, insect infestation, accidents or acts of God.
Changes in the visual appearance such as joints or deformations of the floorboards as might occur seasonally, colour changes through the effect of light, wear of the surface treatment.
Stains or mechanical damages to the surface (marks, scratches, etc) caused through incorrect treatment, use or storage, especially damages caused by high-heel shoes, furniture, stones or pets.
Additional claims, titles or rights such as disassembly and reinstallation of the floor as well as consequential costs or damages brought about by the defective product will not be accepted.
STIA Holzindustrie GmbH, Admont, January 2003


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