Care & Maintenance

With proper care & maintenance Admonter wood flooring will last for generations!

The durability & wear resistance of any wooden floor is highly dependent on regular and correct care & maintenance. If carried out, it will extend the service life of your floor by years!

The use of felt pads/castor cups is recommended under chair & table legs; suitable mats (polycarbonate etc) must be used beneath moving castor wheels & under tyres in car showrooms.

Avoid metal (chair & table legs etc) coming into direct contact with the floor, since chemical reactions & staining may occur.
Dirt & grit act like sandpaper which is why a quality barrier mat is recommended for entrances.
Standing moisture must be avoided (wet shoes, umbrellas left on floor etc) as it can cause swelling & discolouration.
Always use a damp/well wrung out mop when carrying out care & cleaning procedures.
Always use two buckets - one for the care product & the other for clean water (change when dirty) to rinse the mop. Do not rinse the soap off the floor! Do not use micro-fibre cloths/mops. Never clean the floor with just neat water. Remove any spillages (alcohol, juice etc) immediately.
Do not put rugs on the floor for the first few weeks. Please note that care should also be taken with anti-slip mats, as they can lead to chemical reactions through the content of softeners & cause "hot spots" when used over underfloor heating systems.


Large items like furniture, low Futon beds, etc. over a floor surface with electric floor heating can result in concentrated heat conditions that cannot be dissipated. This will invariably result in overheating! Refer to the heating instructions. The application of temperature indicators is absolutely necessary.

Stair nosing:

For additional protection on your stairs, we recommend using anti-slip nosing.

Natural Colour Changes

An Admonter wide plank is an entirely natural product and as a consequence after a certain time, natural colour changes occur. Depending on the intensity in which the floor is exposed to the sun lighter timber turns darker while dark timber becomes lighter (especially during the first 3 – 6 months). With the Mocca range this natural colour change is reduced thanks to an additional coating of UV-protection. So the colour change is similar to the colour change of other darker wood species.

Room Climate

The optimum room climate for Admonter wide planks is around 40% and 60% humidity. In winter the room climate is frequently below the ideal because of central heating systems. We recommend to use humidifiers, plants and small fountains in order to get an optimum room climate. A hygrometer will help you to control the humidity level.


Become a Distributor

If you would like to become a distributor of any of the Island Rock range of products, please contact us and we will arrange a call to discuss.