Applying Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C

Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C is a product of the newest generation which colours your wood and protects it in one layer. The combination of the oil (A) and the accelerator (B) guarantee a quick drying. Can also be applied as renovation and maintenance oil on surfaces which are oiled with RMC.


1. Untreated wood: sand using the rules of the art. Vacuum thoroughly, eliminate remains of dust with RMC Cleaner.

2. Carefully mix the two components (1 to 2 min) with a ratio of appr. 3 units A to 1 unit B.

3. Once the cleaned surface is dry, spread out a small quantity of RMC Oil Plus 2C (cloth or scrubbing machine with thin beige pad). Work in zones of 5 -10 m2.

4. Let absorb during a few minutes. Thoroughly remove all excess of oil (cloth or scrubbing machine with white pad) within 15 minutes per zone. The surface should feel dry! Finish all zones the same way. 

5. After 24 - 36 hours the surface can be used. . After 7 days a treatment with water and RMC-products can be applied.

In order to guarantee a long lifespan and protection, the use of

Rubio Monocoat maintenance products is imperative.


30-50 m2/l, depending on the wood type, sanding and application method.

These usages are merely indicative. Results depend on wood type and method of preparation. It is always recommended to make a sample in order to calculate the exact usage.


For the application of oxidative and UV drying: see the technical card. The equipment used can be cleaned with RMC Biocleaner.

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