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adlogodesignEach year Admonter will launch new and limited product lines, featuring exclusive natural floors that match the latest international interior design trends. Design Edition Intensive: Special surface treatments add character and individuality. Design Edition Pure: Pure and simple elegance is consistent with the current prevailing trends in interior design


adlogoanticoThe Antico range is the perfect choice for people who love their floors to have the beautiful characteristics of traditional handfinished floors. Antico wide planks, whilst perfect for grand interiors of castles, manor houses and historical buildings, can also add a unique and special look to more modern homes, lofts and commercial premises.


adlogomoccaThe Mocca range sets the trend for dark floors without using chemicals or dyes. Thanks to the completely natural thermotreatment procedure, we offer a range of European timber in darker colour shades without using tropical wood species.


adlogoxxlongThe Admonter XXLong product range offers wide planks up to 5 metres in length.


adlogohardThis is the product line of Admonter wide plank floors with the biggest variety of wood species, colours, gradings and installation systems. The construction is modular, which means that wide plank floors are available either with a bottom layer of the same wood specie as the top layer or with a spruce backing.

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