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  • Engineered Board
  • Depth: 21mm
  • Width: 240 And 325mm
  • Length: 4470 & 4870mm

Top layer: 3,6 mm

The Douglas-fir tree grows to up to 120m tall.

The grain is generally straight, though wavy grain is occasionally seen.

Because our Douglas-fir flooring is produced using a flat or crown cut process the boards produced are much wider than many other boards. Not only does this produce a wider board but the grain is much wider in appearance. Douglas-fir can vary in colour based upon the age and location that the tree is grown. Admonter Douglas-fir flooring has red tones in the grain as opposed to the yellow in other fir trees, once our white oiled is applied it produces a pale board which beautifully highlights the pinkish hue of the grain.


The brushing process removes the softer fibres, this process brings out the beauty of the grain and leaves a more textured finish.

The natural oiled surface has an open pore structure and is therefore able to compensate for changes in the moisture of the atmosphere. Many people find the appearance of natural oiled flooring more natural and in turn more beautiful than a sealed board.

Request a Sample of Rubio Monocoat

Island Rock Distributors are a Business 2 Business supplier. We sell our products through distributors.

However sometimes our customers do not have samples of all our products in stock. If you would like a sample of one of the Rubio Monocoat Products, you can receive one using this page.

There is an admin fee of €20 (including VAT @23%) and for this you can receive up to 3 * 20ml samples of oil.

Please click the button below to begin your request. On the PayPal page, click the "add special instructions" to specify the required colours.


WideWood Panels

WideWood panels


Full strip, long and wide panels now available from Island Rock Disctributors.


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Sizes & Species


2000 * 650 * 22mm, 30mm & 40mm
2650 * 650 * 22mm, 30mm & 40mm
3000 * 650 * 22mm, 30mm & 40mm
2000 * 900 * 22mm, 30mm & 40mm
2650 * 900 * 22mm, 30mm & 40mm
3000 * 900 * 22mm, 30mm & 40mm
2000 * 1200 * 22mm, 30mm & 40mm
2650 * 1200 * 22mm, 30mm & 40mm
3000 * 1200 * 22mm, 30mm & 40mm

*Bespoke sizes made to order*



Oakra Flooring

ah 1 largelogoProviding bespoke hardwood flooring solutions, Oakra is now the widest plank floor manufacturer in NI and can finish boards up to 10” wide as standard and up to 16” wide to special order. The planks produced are of the highest quality and precision giving a perfectly straight uniform plank which needs very little sanding on site. In order to bring this facility to Ireland we have invested in a state of the art Weinig  unimat automatic computer controlled moulder with unrivalled speed and accuracy.

A quality floor represents a major investment. The richness and diversity of wood is what makes the transformation so exciting.
Yet it can be confusing for the customer so at Oakra we recommend woods, textures design and finishes to suit the particular living or commercial area.
Decisions are made according to wear and tear, style and taste.

We specialise in French Oak and American Black Walnut but we machine from a list of about 50 timbers even to rarities like 'Black Cabbage Bark'.

Oakra signature wide boards are now available in widths up to 10” as standard and up to 16” wide to special order. Planks are vailable up to 16ft long with the standard length at 8-10 ft long.

Main Showroom is at Richhil, Co. Armagh with a selection of products to view at our 51 Boeing Road, Santry, Dublin 9 location.


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