• Why Choose Admonter Flooring?

Why Choose Admonter Flooring?

The timeless style and longevity of an Admonter floor makes them ideal for designing truly classic interiors which retain their beauty for decades. Admonter wide plank floors, whilst perfect for traditional and classic interiors, also add a unique and special look to modern and trendy homes. The range of Admonter wide planks is broad, appealing to both domestic and commercial users, with design, the use of only natural materials and Austrian quality being of paramount importance.

Admonter produce the best, most stable engineered flooring suitable for use on under floor heating. We also produce engineered boards up to 325mm wide and up to 5metres long in one continuous piece of wood. All of our wood floors are from sustainable sources.

Advantage of an Admonter Engineered Wood Floor

Wood flooring from Admonter has many advantages over solid wood flooring. The superb engineering of our floors enables us to produce planks up to 325mm wide with lengths up to 5metre, even over underfloor heating! Standard flooring guidelines do not recommend solid wood to be used at these dimensions over underfloor heating.
Unlike solid wood flooring our layered construction is more stable, with no warping and cupping. In our engineered wood planks, there are only three layers. The wear layer, the top surface you see is 3,6mm thick, which means that this floor can be refinished. Many engineered products cannot be refinished. The middle layer (solid spruce) is laid transversely, reducing swelling and shrinkage by roughly 80%, even in the most challenging of climates. The bottom layer consist of either the same wood as the top layer or of a softwood and thus serves to balancee the natural forces of the timber.

Admonter Vs. Solid Wood Flooring


Solid wood flooring, especially in the wider planks, warps and cups more over time.
  No Warping

Admonter's specialty is wide plank flooring. If installed and maintained correctly, these floors will remain flat.
SANDING More Frequent Sanding

The refinishing process requires a flat surface in order for the finish to be applied. A solid floor requires heavy sanding just to get the floor to a flat surface again. As well, with each sanding you are diminishing the life of your floor because you are reducing the top layer of wood that goes only to the tongue and groove. The cost of refinishing, time off of the floor and mess it makes mean the refinishing is not a preferable process. 
  Buffing or Screening

We like to prevent the refinishing process by watching for wear patterns in the finish, especially in high traffic areas. We would then recommend a recoating before any damage is done to the wood. In most cases the sanding is not necessary as the wood remains flat, meaning it is a great surface for a finish to be applied. This process is dustless and inexpensive, eliminating the cost and disruption of the refinishing process.

Installation Options

You also have more installation options with an Admonter floor than with solid wood flooring. This makes our floor much more versatile to your unique design requirements.

  1. Floating Installation (Recommended)
  2. Glue Down Installation (Recommended)
  3. Screw or Nail-Down Installation
  4. Full-surface Gluing
  5. Installation with underfloor heating

Surface Options

In choosing a surface there is far more to consider than the visual effect of a natural floor. Criteria such as care & maintenance, natural appearance, wear capacity and service life considerably depend on the nature of the surface.

  1. Raw: entirely untreated, sanded or brushed.
  2. Sanded: smooth surface achieved by the uniform sanding.
  3. Brushed: soft parts of the wood are brushed out — creates a beautiful structure.
  4. Natural-Oiled: 100% natural and pollutant-free — exclusively made of sustainable raw materials.
  5. White-Oiled: applying white oil creates a different appearance.
  6. UV-Oiled: Contains 60% sustainable constituents — requires little effort for care & maintenance.
  7. Matt Lacquer or Matte Polyurethane:entirely seals the pores of the wood — absolutely uncomplicated in care.


Become a Distributor

If you would like to become a distributor of any of the Island Rock range of products, please contact us and we will arrange a call to discuss.